Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ruffle Sunsuit

Who doesn't love free things?

I Googled "Free sunsuit pattern baby" and found this wonderful ruffle sunsuit pattern by little betty.

Everything went swimmingly. I kept getting further and further towards finishing it thinking somethings gotta go wrong now, but it never did. Quite proud of myself actually!

I am learning to sew, so the NEW (never attempted before) techniques I learnt/did while making this sunsuit were:

Buttonholes! I didn't realise there was a buttonhole foot and a button foot. I eyed up the button foot for a long time before I picked up my sewing machine manual... then proceeded to sew eight buttonholes (with the correct foot) before I was satisfied.

Interfacing! Isn't it great. I have the iron-on stuff. I'm not sure if it is as stiff as normal-not-iron-on interfacing so I used another piece of the Babushka dolls fabric as well.

Snaps! I'd tried these before by myself and failed miserably. My dad is staying with us at the moment. He is a tradie and well, what are Dad's and tradies for??? Hammering in the snaps. Yus :) it worked a treat. I warned him after he'd finished that he would have that task at least once a week now.

Ruffles! Well they were a mission. Little Betty's instructions said I could use an overlocker/serger. I attempted it on a scrap and decided that they would be nicer (safer) if I did the gathering by hand. I love them. I think ruffles may show up more often now.

Thank you to my lovely mum-in-law for the beautiful fabric.


  1. Lovely work! You've done an amazing job! I'm so glad you enjoyed making this and were able to follow my instructions. Happy Sewing :)

  2. I've enjoyed looking through your blog and I love all the sunsuits. This one is especially cute and I adore the fabric you used!

    1. Thanks! The fabric was a gift and I wish I knew where to get some more from, I think I'd go crazy & make everything with it!