Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pretty in Blue

So happy with how my second attempt at the sunsuit turned out. First attempt here. Not really much to say except this time around I made sure I got the tension right. I read my sewing machine manual and figured out exactly how to fix it. The vintage sunsuit hasn't fallen apart, but the stitching looks pretty shonky. I always sew a few lines on a test patch of material before I start now too.

I made the next size up but forgot to add the extra length for the elasticated waist (from an altered Newlook 6903), so its a bit short. I think I have used that pattern to death now. I'm ready for something a bit different and more challenging.

My lil model stares at the camera as soon as it comes out and is so intrigued that its hard to get a natural shot :) She also loves to check out the photo afterwards too.

Thank you to my wonderful Mother-in-law who kindly sewed on the snaps. I HATE that job.

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