Sunday, July 8, 2012

Knit dress with bib front

I enjoyed sewing 'The Katy Dress' so much that I decided to make another dress. This one was inspired by the Oobi Kitty Dress ( and that*darn*kat's Bib Front Tee Tutorial.

I didn't have a pattern and I decided what to do as I went. I had no expectations. I used some left over material and wasn't too concerned if it all went sour.

I reused my basic pattern pieces from 'The Katy Dress' which gave me a starting point. This is a super easy quick dress to sew. I didn't hem the bottom as the knit rolls up nicely and adds to the fun.

My only regret is not taking a photo of the dress before Alyssa wore it. Her Dad and Grandad minded her for a couple of hours today. The result: a grubby baby with a couple of holes/rips in the skirt.

The Katy Dress

'The Katy Dress' was sooo super easy to make. I wanted to find a free knit dress pattern or tutorial as my girl is so close to walking and I'm desperate to get her out of tights and tees (the only thing practical for a crawler). Jessica from has step by step photo instructions on how to create this dress. The ruched/gathered sleeves add a nice detail and check out her version for the tie around the waist.

I love free patterns especially as sewing is an expensive hobby. Check out my Pinterest board: Babies & Girls Patterns & Sewing Inspiration. Most of my pins are free patterns and tutorials.

Birdie Sailor Pants

I have gone crazy with Pinterest in the last month bookmarking all my favourite patterns and inspiration  for things to sew for my girl. I have also made a discovery - there are not many free babies and girls patterns on the internet but there are a tonne of free tutorials. With a quick trace of an existing tee or pair of pants you have a pattern!

Check out my Pinterest board here: Babies and Girls Sewing Patterns and Sewing Inspiration

I wanted to make a pair of pants that were more than a standard pattern with an elastic waist. They had to have an interesting feature. The Sailor Pants from The Girl Creative were perfect. I use some birdie corduroy and bright yellow buttons purchased from Spotlight.

Do you want to make these? Find the instructions for the free Sailor Pants Tutorial here.