Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby in the Hood Jacket

I found the Baby-in-the-Hood Jacket from a (library) book called Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner. I photocopied the pattern and the instructions and put it on my to-make list. There are 46 steps so possibly a little daunting for the beginner sewer. Thankfully I had my Mum to answer my questions when I screamed HELP on a couple of the steps.

The jacket is fully lined with contrasting fabrics for the lining, button placket and hood. I decided to just use one fabric as my contrast, but with the "darling details" there are lots of opportunities to experiment with fabrics and colours. "Seeing sweet baby eyes and cheeks peek out of the hood is just irresistible" - a definite selling point!

The pattern sizes are quite small. I made a nine to 12 months. Alyssa is nine months old and its tight when she has layers underneath.

I have the green version of this fabric so when I make the next size here are a couple of things I will do differently:
  • Add extra length. It's too short, especially when she is crawling it sits half way up her back
  • Reconsider options for fastening the jacket. The buttons slip out of the loops, so possibly the loops are too long. I might try velcro to better secure the button placket
  • Use a warmer fabric for the lining
Here are my favourite pics:


  1. I haven't thought of this pattern in a while and seeing it makes me wish it went to higher sizes. My Vinny wears a 3T and I would love to make him another. It is a great jacket and looks so cute on your little one!

  2. :) It's so sweet!!! I wished mine had turned out a bit larger/longer, too. Yours really looks darling on your little girl! I'm sure it will be fun to sew things for her as she grows. ~Jessica

  3. I just made this as a gift and am so disappointed at how short it is! Back to the sewing machine I guess. Although, I may just try to add a ruffle or something along the bottom. If you look on Anna Maria Horner's site, you can find this pattern in larger sizes. (It is a bundle with some other patterns).

    Love your choice of fabrics! Such a cute way to use that cute bunny print. I lined mine with flannel, and that seems pretty cozy.

    1. Thanks c by the sea. Glad to know the pattern exists in larger sizes, thanks for the info!