Sunday, January 29, 2012

The first thing I made for my baby's room...

About 3 weeks after I found out I was pregnant I went out shopping for baby girls clothes. Apparently that is quite common... to shop for your baby even before you know the sex. I didn't have to sell them but I did have to keep the fact that we were having a girl a secret from my partner. I lasted only 3 months. It was supposed to be the whole time but I let it slip. I credit myself for being able to keep secrets, but that one was WAY too big. Plus, I didn't want everything while and yellow and I wanted to start sewing...

I found a second hand sewing machine on Gumtree, bought some fabric squares from Spotlight and made a bib, burnt myself (still have the scar on my knee) & decided not to count that one. I put the sewing machine away and it didn't come back out for three months.

In that time I found a beautiful birdy mobile on It was expensive. I decided to copy it. The one I made is a complete copy, not to the exact detail - I didn't have a pattern - but if you find one similar then that's probably where I sourced my inspiration. Two weeks later & a change of fabric half way through it was complete.

I still didn't particularly like the fabric choice. They were the squares left over from the bib-fabric-shopping. But it was made and I wasn't making another one.

This was the first item for Alyssa's room and influenced everything that happened after that.

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